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Starting 2022 in a Magical Way

Spring is a time of new beginnings for all. For our management team, spring was the time for our 2022 kickoff meeting in Orlando, Florida. The RoCoco Inc managers traveled down to Florida to participate in this conference. The conference included recognizing branches for their previous year’s sales and achievements, setting new client goals in 2022, and of course, learning from RoCoco’s top-performing managers from all around the country. Our team also had the privilege to visit Disney World! The team made stops in Epcot and Magic Kingdom. At Epcot, the team got to explore the international flower garden and the world showcase. At Magic Kingdom, the team was able to explore the castles, ride all kinds of fun rides, and get a pair of Mickey ears for themselves. It was a fantastic way for the team to network and engage in a positive way before embarking on the 2022 year.

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