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Sales For a Cause at RoCoco Inc

This year has been challenging for many, and as always, some are more deeply impacted than others. At RoCoco Inc, we've been trying to find small ways to help where we can. In previous years we've hosted large events to raise money and awareness for causes like Operation Smile, Liberty Children's Home and more. We've traveled to other events and even gone on mission trips. However, being 2020... those were all put on hold. Management got creative and decided to run a one day Sales For a Cause- they would match every sale made by our team with a $10 donation to Liberty Children's Home. We put our money where our mouth is and were able to raise over $200 in a matter of hours!

"It gave me extra motivation because there was a larger, more impactful, purpose attached to my performance. " RoCoco Inc team member

2020 has been full of challenges and lessons. Like many, we look forward to leaving some of it behind. However, Sales For a Cause might be one of the things that we bring with us into the new year!

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