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Account Liaisons in Oak Creek Wisconsin are the backbone to our firm.  They learn the basics and fundamentals of our clients campaign and our services. They are experts at consulting customers needs and master the art of building relationships. Once perfecting their role they will have opportunities to further their advancement with RoCoco, Inc.  If you are looking for an entry level sales representative career in Oak Creek, then this is the place to catapult into a vibrant sales career.

85% of your time will be:

  • Managing sales, customer accounts, and contracts

  • Working with new and existing customers about service promotions

  • Maintaining strong knowledge of all products, pricing, and competitive offers

15% of your time will be:

  • Receiving hands on training

  • Receiving personal development

  • Receiving one on one coaching

Account Liaison Requirements

  • Minimum high school diploma or GED; bachelors degree preferred

  • Upon hire must pass an employment background check 

  • Posses a student mentality, leadership, and great communications skills

  • Entry Level Oak Creek Management Jobs Available as well



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